Guitar & Backing Vocals


EAZY – Fresh Rock from Vienna

A new band from Vienna is mixing up the rock scene!

What makes EAZY? Catchy guitar riffs, head-banging drums, playful yet solid bass lines, harmonic melodies mixed together with a cheeky, versatile voice. All inspired by the 80s and embedded in the present time-pure modern nostalgia.

The first songs JB& Coke, War People, Coming Home, Eleven and Horse of Steel show fans what to expect from EAZY, music that is in the foreground and is rounded off with lots of fun and a rocking attitude. Now the international fanbase is eagerly longing for more. So much can be already revealed: the first album is more colorful, louder and more theatrical. The album “Crank it Up!” is OUT NOW! Get it HERE.

In March 2019 EAZY became real. Julia Ivanova (famous for her amazing performance on X-Factor – check out her Youtube-Channel) came to Vienna the first time, and drummer Sam Gabriel and guitarist Mickey Rush (also booked for tribute shows like Bohemian Rhapsody – The music of Queen and Tina – Die Show) recorded JB & Coke and War People with her. That was the moment when the magic started. A few months later bassist Leo Schreier (also part of the Austro-band Schodl) and guitarist Flash Thomson (rocking the stages with Stiletto and Evolution) joined the band. With a great and dedicated background team and lots of helping hands, EAZY kicked off their first video, JB & Coke, in September 2019.

On December 6, 2019, EAZY’s first live stream on Youtube was a great success and had enthusiastic fans from all over the world. Watch the entire stream HERE.

Look forward to a rocking year 2021 with EAZY and lots of flying curly hair!

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